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Colour Setting


The colours for masterbatches and compounds can be set to RAL, NCS, HKS or Pantone colours in accordance with a variety of different customer design patterns.

Our product range in this case consists of:

  • Covering colours
  • Transparent / translucent colours
  • Fluorescent, phosphorescent and luminescent colours
  • Light scattering / translucent colour settings
  • Combi-masterbatches with e.g. UV protection, laser additives, antistatic agent and/or lubricants
  • Effect colours such as e.g. with gold, copper and tinsel
  • Colours with pearl effects

Masterbatch starting from 1 kg


We will manufacture your polymer-specific masterbatches starting from volumes of 1 kg without any surcharge. Each of our masterbatches will be manufactured within a short period of time exactly in accordance with you colour & polymer requests.

We can process the compound you want starting from a volume of 10 kg without any surcharge.

In the high-temperature range, we colour plastic materials such as PEEK, LCP etc. for you starting from a volume of 10 kg in our specially set-up facility.